DV Play 7.79 is released

Our expertise in multichannel become even bigger …

DV Play development never stops, we were extremely busy the last 12 months. With a big customer using DV Play to run their 20 channels in the last 12 months, we become a truly top-level expert in multichannel. DVPlay ‘s DVB outputs are reliable and working 24/7 and that has been proven by a professional Elecard Boro analyzer, we tested different hardware & configurations with different video cards to find the most proper solution. And finally, we did it, found a solution that is reliable and not so expensive! Was not easy at all, it appears that running 12-15 channels on a single server puts the hardware under a huge load, and not all configurations succeed to past the test. We updated the DV Play software as well, and now it uses the much more efficiently the hardware, also added several early warnings if the hardware performance going worst that is needed. For customers using both DV Play and ASP all events & early warnings can be uploaded into the ASP DB database, we found it takes too much time to log in to monitor a large number of playouts, so in ASP DB we give our customers much faster & efficient monitoring options.

If you have a project to start with more than 4 channels and want to create them EFFICIENTLY, with minimum staff busy with daily playlist creation, call us to check what DV Playout and Ads Schedule Pro have to offer!

Except for this big customer, we have many other customers who run single channels on a playout, and using their feedback we made many improvements. It is worth mentioning a customer using DV Play to generate outputs in HLS HD & SD mode and to organize live events broadcasted by DV Play directly reading IP stream, translated via ordinary Internet, all of this done by a single playout located into a data center with i7-7700K & ASUS MB. For 9 months of working, he had only 1 issue (hardware) that forced him to do a Windows restart, quite normal after 120 days of working nonstop (if this failing rate is not acceptable, then we recommend the customers order a redundancy option).

Here is a short (but not full) list of our improvements:
– Multichannel support improved – now DV Play can be used for reliable runs up to 10 on a single CPU server or up to 20 channels on a powerful dual Xeon server.
– Hardware requirements to run 4,6,8,10,12, 15, and 20 channels on a server checked.
– HLS outputs in HD & SD modes are with proven reliability.
– Channel settings can be applied to all channels at once.
Reading video files from HDD has a HUGE improvement, now the video player caches the used video files which provides much better protection against HDD’s slower reading speed (that causes output issues).
– Frame freeze detection added and can issue email notifications when for example the current video file consists same frame for more than 30 seconds.
– DV Play + ASP integration extended – a special command had been added in DV Play that helps a lot to archive the planned EPG start times.
– Improved integration with Ads Schedule Pro – our traffic solution for very fast & precise playlist creation.
– other improvements & fixes.

DV Play does not put limitations on how many channels you can run on a server, the only limit is your hardware. Currently, since September 2023 it is quite possible to run up to 12 channels on a single Intel Desktop CPU, with a modern double Xeons server those channels can be up to 20 channels.

DV Playout is truly a leader in efficiency and it is a solution N1 for the people that value their time.  Our playout is designed for maximum efficiency and provides true 24/7 reliability in different user cases, including multichannel.