Download DV Play 7 Playout & Title Link
DV Play + Title + videos & graphic & playlists examples – the recommended option.
Allows to test easier the Auto Playlist Mode (playlists by schedule)
DVD DVPlay (3.2GB) –  Google drive (recommended)
DVD DVPlay (3.2GB)  –  via DV Play site (slower)
DV Play + Title – for slower internet.
Does NOT allows to test easier the Auto Playlist Mode (playlists by schedule)
DV_Play7_Demo.exe (150 Mb)-via Google (recommended)
DV_Play7_Demo.exe (150 Mb) – via DV Play site (slower)
DeckLink drivers Blackmagic_Drivers v11.1 (326 MB)
Blackmagic_Drivers v12.1 (251 MB)
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The DV Play 7 Highlight movie (Up movie) shows in brief our features and advantages.
More details about how to set and use our Demo version you could get from the next movies below.

It is recommended to watch the movies below directly on YouTube site.
The benefits of this are a larger screen size and a TOC (jump directly to the topic you want to see)

Playout Server Requirements
Minimum Recommended
CPU Intel i5-gen4 Intel i7 gen 6/7/8/9/10/11/12
MB Asus Z270/Z390/Z490/ X299/Z590/Z690
RAM 2 x 4 GB 2 x 8 GB dual channels
Video Card Intel VGA built-in MB Nvidia GTX card GTX1050/RTX1660/RXT2060/RTX3000
OS Windows 7/10 64 bits Windows 7/10 64 bits
SDI in/out Decklink (any model)
Deltacast, Aja , StreamLabs hardware is supported
Decklink Mini Monitor (out in SDI/HDMI)
DeckLink Mini Recorder (input in SDI/HDMI)
DeckLink Duo 2 (4 out/in on any combination in SDI)

If the hardware for your playout server is not bought yet, please ask us for recommendations. In many cases, we face with customers that have bought expensive hardware which is of little use. That is true especially for the video card. If the video card is not an NVidia GTX card, better is to use the Intel VGA built-in the MB. DV Play provides hardware acceleration for those models of video cards only. Any other video card, no matter how powerful it is, will work more slowly than those two models.

If you have not DeckLink card installed in your playout server you still may install DV Play and watch the result in the Preview module. In that case, most workstations and even laptops could be used.