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Multichannel expert

1. i3 - 4 channels

2. i5 - 8 channels

3. i9 - 10 channels

*DVB IP output included

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* 2 x Xeon server could run up to 20 channels

PERFECT solution for multi channels!

* ASP is our solution for very fast playlists creation.







Video Player

The video playout software / tv automation supports video files in format avi, mp2, mp4, mov, mxf, dvcpro, prores and many others at any resolutions and any frame rates, supports Live/IP/NDI Inputs, and creates video signal in SDI/HDMI/Analog/UDP/RTMP/NDI/SRT.
Closed captions & SCTE35/104 are supported.

Title Player

The Character Generator /CG/ provides perfect TV quality, supports crawl and roll tickers, RSS, sequence animations, Picture in Picture, auto weather forecast, etc. The graphic is mixed with the live signal using the hardware of the playout server and that ensures a cost-saving solution.

Extra modules

The video playout is powered by extra modules that provide various useful functions like sending commands to the video matrix via COM/IP, HD and SD outputs with different logos, Media Asset Management, TV Logger, Redundancy, Musical, DVB, SRT, NDI, News Editor, etc.

Ingest / Logger

Captures SDI/HDMI/IP/NDI multiple sources simultaneously and saves them to video files. A compliance logger for TV signal monitoring 24/7 is available. Various IP convert like RTMP to UDP multicast, etc.

Ads Schedule Pro

A traffic solution whose primary goal is to increase significantly the efficiency of the TV channel management in both major activities – sales commercials and playlists creation.
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Support is a major requirement in the TV business and we offer several different support options. Our support is very experienced and includes support specialists + programmers ready to answer your questions via email or TeamViewer.


DV Play 7 is a modern playout / tv automation solution designed to be used in TV Channels. It was developed since 2001 based on customer’s requirements & feedbacks and we are proud to present to you our complete and tested playout software.

True 24/7 reliability – the playout is especially designed to avoid crash and to issue email warning when critical events arise.
Silence detection & email notifications proved very useful.
Multiple file formats – supports .avi, mp2, mp4, mov, mxf, wmv,
mkv, H264, H265, vob in different resolutions & frame rates in one playlist.
HD & SD simultaneous outputs with different logos – the playout supports multiple outputs formats (SDI/ HDMI/ IP/ NDI) on multiple resolutions (4K / HD / SD) that could be with different logos.
Live / IP / NDI input – supports DeckLinks, Aja, Deltacast & IP inputs /UDP, HTTP, RTMP/ & NDI. The IP streams are played like an ordinary video and support auto IP reconnect feature that truly works.
Multichannel – all needed functionality for up to 4 channels could be fit in one 2U/4U case.
Scheduling options – the powerful schedule options allow running the TV Channel without a human operator.
Media Asset Management – Simple yet extremely useful powerful media asset management.
Monitoring system – The TV Logger module captures the broadcasted TV signal and saves it to video files, using the hardware of the playout server and requiring just an extra HDD.
File Manager – copies the video files included into the playlist from the network server to the playout local HDDs. Supports the work with Virtual or Dimmy files (video files planned in the playlist, but not ready yet).
RS 232 – allows sending commands to external devices like BlackMagic ATEM, VideoHub, Nevion, Kramer, ElPro.
Redundancy 1:1 and N:M are supported.


DV Play 7 Titles is a modern Character Generator which provides brilliant TV quality. It was totally redesigned in the end of 2017 and allows to create very easy amazing looking titles. The CG solution is integrated in the playout and uses its hardware which provides a cost saving solution.

  • Crawl and roll tickers that could be updated via text file, TGA,PNG, sequences, video background with alpha channel .mov, etc.
  • Many options to run manually a title or to schedule it into playlists.
  • Commercials with graphics (bugs, bumpers, etc.) are supported.
  • Permanent titles – allow to set a title that is auto run when a video is played. Typical use is to mark a re-run broadcast of recorded live show, etc.
  • Now & Coming Next events using a unique organization that saves a lot of time. 3 different types of graphic templates could be used – with text, with a static picture, or with the video itself.
  • Musical module – auto runs a title showing the current & next songs.
  • News Editor – allows gather, group news and show them as a title.
  • Weather forecast – auto extraction of weather forecast data via Internet and display as a title. More than 210 000 cities from worldwide countries are available.
  • 80 examples of titles ready to use are included in our DVD Demo (3.4GB)


DV Play SyncIngest is a modern and efficient Ingest solution. It is designed to save the TV signals to video files. Reliable, easy to work and flexible, it is an ideal solution when it is needed to record a sport event, or it is a show production that requires using several cameras and the records need to be synchronized.

  • An ingest server could record up to 12 TV channels with a single CPU server.
  • Input signal SD/HD/4K in SDI/HDMI/Analog/UDP/RTMP/ HTTP/ SRT / NDI
  • Record in MP2/MXF/H264/H265
  • Edit the file while it is recording (with Adobe or another editing tool).
  • Record of a live event with several cameras. The recorded files are synchronized each with other, meaning they have exactly the same duration and the same starting time.
  • Adjustable layout– allows using efficiently the available screen size with any number of channels.
  • Control center that could manage unlimited number of ingest servers.
  • Manual or scheduled start of the ingest.
  • Preview of the recording and creation of XML files with segments.
  • Integration with DV Play MAM, playout, traffic.
  • Up to 12 compliance loggers in a single CPU server (record TV signals to files in low-res).
  • Auto-resumes in case the signal is lost and issues an email notification.
  • E-mail notification for silence detection.
  • Act as signal convertor (SDI to IP)
  • Act as signal IP to IP convertor (for example RTMP or HLS to UDP multicast) with truly working IP auto-resume when disconnections.
New in the TV Channel Business?

A significant part of our customers are companies/persons who start their first TV channel and often they have not an experienced TV specialist. We recommend them to read our FAQ page, the section New in the TV Business?



“We established relation with DV Play in 2013 and after tests, we found out their playout solution fits to our market perfectly. The good price, perfect support and plenty of features allow us to implement DV Play in 2 our own TV channels and to sell DV Play solutions in many TV channels in Sudan. DV Play 7 is a professional solution, we recommend it for every TV Channel.”

Ahmed Ali Saleem
Business Development Manager, ALHOST IT Software & Hardwares Trading FZE, Khartoum, Sudan

“We are the exclusive distributor for Spain of DV Play product since 2006. We use it in our 2 own TV channels since 2006 and know on our own experience that it is a professional solution meeting perfectly the requirements for a TV automation. DV Play 7 is the best version they have produced till now and it is with many new features that are both easy for use and provide great hardware-cost saving. Those options combined with a good price and fast support helps us to sale it to many channels in Spain.”

eng. Rafael Castillero
Technical Director, Montalbán de Córdoba, SPAIN, Zimagen S.L.

“We have been using a free playout solution which works reliably but with many limitations. That is why in 2017 we bought DV Play 7 and now, 6 months later we are very happy. DV Play tv automation proves itself as a reliable solution having the features we need, for example it gives us the option to implement commercials with animated graphical banners.”

Rafael Jesús García Marqués
Technical Director, Montilla, SPAIN, Esycor S.A.

“DV Play is recognized in Sudan as a professional tv playout & tv automation solution due to its features, ease of use and its affordable price. That is why we decided to use it in our new Dongola TV. We started our new TV channel 6 months ago and all is working as it is expected. DV Play with their Sudan distributor ALHOST does a really perfect work. We definitely would recommend it.”

Ahmed Ali Saleem
IT manager, Dongola, SUDAN, Dongola TV

“We use DV Play playout since we start our 2 TV channels in 2006. In 2017 we upgraded to DV Play 7, moved our 2 playouts in a data center, removed our 24/7 operators and we are relying on the great DV Play 7 new feature – email notification for critical events. This helps us to reduce the expenses, while continue keeping the same level of reliability.”

Viktor Dimchev
Owner, Travel Television, Sofia, Bulgaria

We know for long time the company DV Play and ask them to provide a solution for a new Sport TV. The workflow in the Sport TV channel we manage is very complex and the list with requirements is big, but DV Play covers all of them. We are very happy with the level of support provided by DV Play and looking forward to use DV Play solutions for our new 4K channel coming soon.

Dobromir Angelov
Technical director, Techno, Sofia, Bulgaria

We are using DV Play 6 since 2013 and we plan to upgrade our playout to DV Play 7. Great service, very quick answers to our requests. We highly recommend this software and this team. It`s a real pleasure to cooperate with them.

Martin Brejka
Technical Director, Television of Ľubica, Slovak Republic

We have 2 gospel radios in India and we were searching for a solution to expand them to TV channels. Our primary requirements were to have a reliable solution and to create the daily 24 hours playlist in LESS THAN 5 MINUTES. After research on the market we found out that DV Play was the most proper solution that covered the best our needs. Their support is experienced, user friendly and very fast. In the beginning of 2020, 6 months after we bought DV Play, we realized it was the right decision.

Justin Solomon, Bangalore, India

Our first TV Channel uses DV Play 7 since 2017 and we know it is a well working solution. That is why in 2020 we have selected DV Play for our second TV channel. We note huge improvements in DV Play 7.49 released in January 2020.

Rafael Jesús García Marqués
Technical Director, Montilla, SPAIN, Esycor S.A.

“We have been using DV Play solutions v.45 since 2008, then update to v.5. Now we update to DV Play 7 in order to use its new features and we are pleased both with the reliability and the features provided.”

Jaroslav Zatko
Technical Director, Devinskonovoveska Televizia, Bratislava, Slovak Republic

I  have tested several solutions to find the right one. My primary requirement was to be able to do daily playlists faster. In 1 year of research, I found out that DV Play is the only one that meets all my requirements. A needed option was missing, but the DV Play team was very fast and  added it within 5 working days. I highly recommend DV Play because of its functionality, reliability, and VERY strong support.

Mr. Razvan Grecu,
manager, ACTUALITATEA TV, Romania

It’s been an amazing experience working with DV Play team. They’ve been real quick in adding new features, Scheduling is like breeze. Reliable product and great support. Working with them makes us feel comfortable and not to worry about technology but to focus on enhancing the channel. Feature sets are really rich. We strongly recommend DV Play, especially for TV channels working with schedule only and without TV operator!

Justin Solomon, Bangalore, India

DV Play guarantees happy customers!

Every month we have several requests from customers that have started their TV channel and are NOT happy with the playout they use and are searching to change it. We did a research among the DV Play customers and it had shown that all of them were still using the DV Play playout they bought years ago and were very happy. Actually, 80% of them declared that DV Play meets their needs at 100% and they can’t guess what more a playout could do for them.

50% of our sales are to old customers for their new TV channel or due to the recommendation they have made.


Our software company has been established in 2001 in Sofia, the capital city of Bulgaria. Our sole activity is to create video playout software for tv automation used by TV channels from all over the world. In DV Play 7 we have invested all of our 21 years of experience. The software has undergone a long process of development, fixing and adding new features. We truly focus on the efficiency, easiness and speed of working and now, in 2022 we are glad to present you complete and tested playout solutions.

The company received financial support from European fund due to CONVID-19 pandemic, more you could read here.

The company received financial support from the European fund on BG16RFOP002-2.083 “Voucher for the supply of IT technology services” for 10,000 EUR, more you could read here.