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The recommended way for the first contact is to send us a message using the form below. As more detailed information you provide us, as more correct answer you will get. If you specify the modules & functions you need, we will send you a quotation.

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Typical Usage

DV Title

Yes A Character Generator provides perfect TV quality, supports crawl and roll tickers, RSS, sequence animations, Picture in Picture, etc.

Live Source Inputs

Yes Captures the video signal with the DeckLink (SDI/HDMI/Analog) or IP Stream /UDP,rtmp,http/

TV Definition (required)

HD - 720p, 1080p or 1080i
HD+SD+2 Logos – simultaneous broadcast with different resolutions & different logos /Station ID/-requires to include 2 additional outputs.

Additional Outputs

Yes Provides additional outputs of the TV Channel. Useful for UDP multicast streaming, RTMP streaming to youtube,HD+SD with different logos, etc.


Yes Saves the TV signal to video files in specified format /typically H264/ in low & high resolution simultaneously. Auto record of live events to video files that are ready to repeat the broadcast.

News Editor

Yes Organizes the news and publishes them as titles. Organizes the Facebook/Twitter comments and publishes them as titles for Live events, etc.

RS 232

Yes Controls external devices /video matrix/ via COM / IP port

Music Module

Yes Additional module for musical channel. Provides auto generation of musical segments with specified duration, auto generation of title with song name and artist with data from file name or from meta tags.


Yes The Redundancy solution requires two servers, a Master server and a Slave server that automatically follows the Master server. Read more in FAQ 14: Do I need the Redundancy option?

File Manager

Yes Solution for video files copy from a network server to the playout local HDDs. Supports the work with Virtual files (planned video files that are not ready yet). Read more here


Basic (Free) Included in the initial order and allowing 1 year updates with new versions and support via email with response time of 2-5 working days. Suitable for customers with rich experience in playouts and for a TV channel with simple workflow.
Standard (Paid) Email + Team Viewer support. The recommended option for most customers, it guarantees that the problems will be solved with our help via TeamViewer in several hours.
Full (Paid) Email + Team Viewer support. Recommended option for customers who have not technical person, nor previous experience in the TV automation and need more help for the playout and all other technical questions related to TV channel functioning.


Captures SDI/HDMI/IP/NDI sources and saves them to video files. Please specify how many simultaneous channels are required. Note: you need this software ONLY if you will not broadcast those live events directly on the video player, otherwise the TV Logger is enough.


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