DV Play 7.80 is released

DV Play is truly reliable 24/7, however, we do the next big step to increase it even more …

DV Play is a truly reliable playout designed to run in 24/7 operations. Its failing rate due to hardware issues is around once on 3-6 months. However, even this seems too big to us and we made the next big step to reduce this failing rate by adding a new option Restart when No respond. In case of a total crash (extremely rare case) like a failure in graphics due to a heavily loaded multichannel playout (8-12 channels on a server), this option will restart the TV Channel that had stopped responding, will do auto-load of the scheduled playlist and run it at exactly at the scheduled time. That way it will minimize the off-air time.

Turn on this option for a single-channel playout is generally not required.

Another big direction we worked on was to continue to improve our multichannel solutions, testing the ability of the latest NVidia cards like RTX 4000 and RTX 4060 (low profile). DV Play does not put limitations on how many channels you can run on a server, the limits come from the hardware. Currently, since September 2023 it is quite possible to run up to 8-12 channels on a single Intel Desktop CPU, with a modern double Xeons server those channels can be up to 16-20 channels.

Note: While some customers work fine 12 months without a single fail, the most common case is 1 issue every 3-6 months. Some customers work 365 days without the need for a Windows restart, but most reports show that on 100 days a Windows restart is required. During Windows restart, TV channel is off-air for several minutes. When this failing rate is not acceptable, we recommend ordering the Redundancy option that will reduce the off-air time. Note this requires a triple bigger budget than for a single server, as it needs 2 playouts (hardware), 2 DV Play licenses + Redundancy + File Manager module, a file server to keep the video files, and (maybe) a video matrix for the auto switch.

Here is a short (but not full) list of our improvements:
Restart when No Responding option is added.
– Multichannel support improved with tests done with the latest RTX 4000 and RTX4060 VGA card. DV Play can be used for reliable runs up to 8-12 on a single CPU server or up to 20 channels on a powerful dual Xeon server.
– Read graphics files from memory, rather than from HDDs.
– Confirmed DV Play compatibilities with Windows Server 2019 and Windows Server 2022. Still, our recommendation is for Windows 10 Pro 64 bits as it works with the same reliability as Windows Servers, but most data centers offer only Windows Servers.
– Updated list with weather forecast stations. Around 209,000 stations in all countries are available for FREE.
– Improved integration with Ads Schedule Pro – our traffic solution for very fast & precise playlist creation.
– other improvements & fixes.

DV Playout is truly a leader in efficiency and is a solution N1 for people who value their time. Our playout is designed for maximum efficiency and provides true 24/7 reliability in different user cases, including multichannel.