DV Play 7.74 is released

Once more we add significant new features that are of real help. Improved visibility and SRT outputs ...

DV Play development never stops and it always adds significant new features useful for both old and new DV Play customers. Those new features increase the DV Play productivity and speed up everyday work. They are a result of the feedback we received from our customers and the support we do for them in very tight cooperation. That version is truly a big step forward, with improved visibility and stability of work.

The shortlist (but not the full) with new features & fixes are:

–              Improved visibility with the setting of a new default font & size of the main tables.
–              4K & SRT transfer has proved its reliability in 24/7 use in 2 TV channels
–              DVB compatible mode tested with real 4K channel
–              Reliable play of YouTube clips
–              Playlist Editor adds a SPECIAL mode for adding new files with Ctrl + C pressed in Windows Explorer.
–              MAM updated – now you can drag & drop a directory and all its sub-directories will be added too.
–              Improved work in Redundancy mode (Master-Slave)
–              RS 232 module – support for devices produced from Matrix Switch Corporation  has been added
–              RS 232 module –  new functionality that allowed it to be used as a standalone switch application has been added
–              Stability improvements

DV Playout is truly a leader in efficiency and it is a solution N1 for the people who value their time.  Our playout is designed for maximum efficiency and provides true 24/7 reliability.