DV Play 7.70 is released

DV Play development never stops, we are issuing approximately 2 versions in a month. The new features are really new features useful in real everyday work, they bring great benefits measured with faster work and fewer errors. This month is not an exception and we are ready with DV Play 7.70, it adds features designed to help all of our constantly increasing customers. That is the first version where we`ve introduced a new branch of features named Shortcuts and they are in DV Play common style – efficient and useful in everyday work. This version 7.70 is one more step to make our Event system even stronger –  from our 20 years of experience we know that when an error is clearly described in the Events log and there is a shortcut that can navigate you to the problem instantly, then the problem is already half-solved …

The shortlist (but not the full) with new features & fixes are:

  1. The AsRun log now records not only files but notes and commands too. Before the commands were saved in Event logs only.
  2. The AsRun log now has a Shortcut to the Playlist.
  3. The graphical commercials log is significantly improved. Now all graphics are tracked, with a filter for commercials.
  4. Demo titles increased with 3 squeeze titles ready for use in real cases.
  5. Events for errors with graphics like missing files (for example .png,.mov) now have a shortcut that opens directly the title design.
  6. Fixed a bug that happened sometimes on daylight time change when it`s back 1 hour.
  7. The Playlist editor is improved with extended mode for multiselection and adding of several files at once with 1 click (before this was possible only via drag & drop)
  8. The Playlist editor now supports drag & drop files between different instances. Before this was possible only via Copy – Paste keyboards keys.
  9. Learning YouTube movies increased with adding a new one Movie 06: Efficient work with DV Play. It is available in English, Spanish and French and you can find it here.
  10. Many others small improvements.


DV Play is truly a leader in efficiency and it is a solution N1 for the people that value their time.  Our playout is designed for maximum efficiency and provides true 24/7 reliability.