DV Play 7.68 is released

DV Play is continuing its development with the support of NDI 5.0 …

DV Play continuing its development and due to its 24/7 stability in real working conditions, better features, and great support, our sales are constantly increasing. We were quite busy working on the update and the support of our playout & ingest solutions, so it took us 6 months to find a free time slot to write this news. The shortlist (but not the full) with the news is:

  1. The NDI component was updated to version 5.
  2. The playing of the IP item is significantly improved – the YouTube playing has been updated, the manual mode of the IP items playing has been updated, a new way to auto restart the IP items has been introduced (and tested in real 24/7 with a customer)
  3. The Control Center and the Playlist editor have improved their support for the multichannel option (run more than 1 channel on 1 server).
  4. The DVPlay 7 supports multiple RTMP outputs since its start in 2016, but now it does reconnection (if it is needed) undependably only for the RTMP output that is down.
  5. The learning YouTube movies have been updated and a new one Movie 07 Installation & Settings has been added. You can find here the DV Play YouTube movies.
  6. The TV Logger application (stand-alone) has been updated.
  7. The Title Designer has been improved and coloured in white, several new Demo graphics have been added.
  8. The Playlist editor has improved its work with the copy/paste blocks, other small improvements are added as well
  9. The Playlist editor now can update entirely the MAM Playlist with a simple drag a directory. All subdirectories in that directory will be added.
  10. The DV Play update procedure has been improved with auto-resolve DB conflicts.
  11. The anti-hacker security has been improved using the DV Play digital certificate.
  12. Many others small improvements.


DV Play is truly a leader in efficiency and it is a solution N1 for the people that value their time.  Our playout is designed for maximum efficiency and provides true 24/7 reliability.

Read our next post that will be ready soon and will be very special – we will share our 20 years of experience in TV, explaining how a typical TV project goes.