DV Play 7.65 is released

DV Play continues its development and as usual, the main priority is providing faster work and better efficiency for all our customers. This release marks the next big step in this direction, see the list below. In addition, we finished adding the features like support of Closed Captions, SCTE-35 triggers, and the SRT protocol.

A shortlist with only the most important news is:

  1. Closed captions support has been added. Both Decklinks and IP inputs/outputs are supported. The CC can be burned into the video, can be added via external .scc or .anc file, or can be captured via Live inputs.
  2. SRT protocol is supported both for output and input (with DV Play X2 versions)
  3. SCTE-35 triggers can be definied and insert into playlists.
  4. Playlist items saved their planned time and into the AsRun Log you can see the difference between them. It can be seen also the items that are added on the fly by the operator.
  5. Video Sources now support on-line radio via VLC Player.
  6. Playlist editor extended and now support copy/paste between two or more Playlist Editors.
  7. The Live events Note 2 data is selected from a list with previously used texts, which speeds up the process and reduces typing errors.
  8. RTMP / UDP reconnection improvements.


DV Play is truly a leader in efficiency and it is a solution N1 for the people that valued its time.  Our playout is designed for maximum efficiency and provides true 24/7 mode.

Read our next post to learn more about the special DV Play features for small TV (coming soon).