DV Play 7.63 is released

2020 is almost gone and we are making a recapitulation for the past year. Till August 2020 we’ve faced some sales reduction due to the COVID-19 crisis, but starting from September 2020 our sales fully have been recovered and even have grown. We were so busy talking and supporting the customers, updating and adding new features so just now we found a time to write this news!

During 2020  DV Play was being proved as a professional solution and choice N1 for the customers who value their time. It is quite common for us to get feedback from customers, that have tried several other playout solutions and found out that DV Play solution is truly reliable in 24/7, easy to work with and allows them to save  20-60 minutes EVERY DAY doing their daily activities (creation playlists typically).

Here is just some of our news for the last 3 months, the full list is triple longer but we focus on the most important:

  1. A special Weekly playlist mode has been added and could be in use from small/micro TV. Watch our movie YouTube movie – DV Play for micro/small TV.
  2. The Virtual files provided by the FileManager module have been extended and now they could be replaced on HDD only. It is not required to change them in the Playlist Editor.
  3. Global Management of Files, Commands, This feature allows adding/replacing/deleting items in ALL playlists with just several clicks.
  4. The AsRun log for the graphics is extended and now it shows the file over which the graphic was being run.
  5. The option File Crop has been extended with the support of templates and that speeds up the process and reduces errors.
  6. Recording of Live events has been extended with the use of Note 2. Now the recorder file doesn’t need to be renamed and the AsRun Log has information about the event’s name.
  7. Four new DV Play learning movies have been produced. We recommend all our customers to watch them. This is the link to the first movie DV Play Movie 01: BASIC Work DV Playout


In January 2021 we will add remarkable new features – SRT protocol for video transfer and SMTP-35 triggers.

We wish you a healthy and successful new 2021 year!