DV Play 7.60 is released

Providing easier and more efficient work always has been our top priority. An important part of the workflow of any TV channel is the As-Run log and in this version we did serious improvements on it. A huge improvement of the randomizing function (reordering the files in the playlist) was done as well. A significant part of our customers are small TV channels and we are constantly analyzing their workflow and adding/updating the features to help them to work faster and more efficiently.

The improvements in DV Play 7.60 are:

1. The As Run reports internal structure has been changed and now the reports are extracted 3 times faster.
2. The typing style of the time fields (In-Out positions for example) is improved
3. The work with the segments is improved.
4. The permanent titles (run always with a specific file) have a new option that allows them to be run with a specified delay (3 seconds for example) after the file begins and stopped earlier (3 seconds for example) before the file ends.
5. A Randomizing function in the Playlist editor is now able to reorder all the blocks from a specific MAM Key (typically commercials) with 1 command. Extremely useful for small TV (see the screenshot below)

We encourage all our customers to start using our mini MAM. It proves like extremely functional requires no settings and time spent on it, but provides many benefits. Check the screenshots applied to see some of the benefits of our MAM in As-Run log reports