DV Play 7.58 is released

Every year the TV industry increases all sort of IP streaming, the COVID-19 pandemic situation also has increased such demands. In the same time the world Internet became overloaded with 5-10 times more traffic due to the huge increase of the remote work.  DV Play (and any software) is not responsible for that, but we have implemented a couple of new features & improvements that help manage better the IP Streaming. Since 2018 DV Play has implemented features that check the IP connection and do an auto reconnect if needed, but now with DV Play 7.58 we add more. More specifically the new features are:

  1. Better cover of the IP disconnection scenarios
  2. A new daily report about the number and the total disconnection timing. That helps to analyze how often the Internet connection fails. The report could be redirected and auto sent via email once time daily.
  3. The implementation of the SRT protocol is on its final stage and it will be available soon for real use. The SRT is a protocol especially designed to replace the RTMP and it should perform 4-6 times better in the TV signal provided via non reliable / public Internet.
  4. The Preview module now supports an extra Windows screen. That way the output signal could be monitored on a second monitor turned on the second output of the video card.
  5. Other small improvements and bug fixes.