DV Play 7.54 is released

Easier and more efficient work always has been our top priority. That is why and due to customer’s feedbacks we did various big improvements in how we handle with the commercials with graphic (banners typically). Now even the most complex scenarios could be easy handled, like a scenario in which  a specific banner should be run 20 times daily, 10 runs should be scheduled into the playlists,  other 10 times should be run manually from the operators during the today live shows.

The improvements in DV Play 7.54 are:

  1. The Graphic set to be shown in Daily Statistics has Daily target – for example 20 runs.
  2. The Title Player shows the current run & planned target. The operators could easily see how much manual runs of the banner they should do.
  3. New AsRun Log Graphic reports. Detailed and grouped reports are available and could be exported to Excel.
  4. Major improvements in both reliability and functionality of the Auto Playlist mode. If the playout is stopped for any reason (operator`s error, no any playlist, etc). , the new Auto Playlist now will issue a Play command and will run properly at the planned time.
  5. The Auto Playlist mode has been allowed for the Demo version and the demo playlists for 3 days are auto created. Now users testing DV Play could check fully our scheduling options.
  6. A new info button provides a fast access to DV Play help resources.
  7. Checks and issues a warning if the user has installed non approved BlackMagic DeckLink drivers. Some Decklink drivers are problematic like 11.4, 11.4.1 and the best is to use only the approved versions. Not all the Decklink drivers work properly and the rule to use the latest version is not always good.
  8. Our first client using a Virtual machine with NDI output has passed 2 months test period successfully.

COVID-19 is here and is causing a lot of changes in all the world. We are being impacted in some way, but we work safety from home and in the same efficient style as before. The orders are now reduced for all industries (including theTV industry), but we accept the situation as a good chance to deal with tasks we haven`t found a time till now.