DV Play 7.47 is released

DV Play 7.47 is a major release focused primary on providing more comfortable work. Using the customer’s feedback and having monitored the daily operations of customers with Full support contract had given to us many ideas how to improve our playout automation. Our goal always has been to provide easy and efficient work and the version 7.47 is a huge step in that direction.

A short list with more significant changes is:

  1. The Preview module has been redesigned in order to increase its usability in various scenarios. Its primary functions are:
    –  Review the file and select the In – Out position.
    –  Seperate the file in 2 parts /split a movie and broadcast commercials inside
    – Add or apply segments.
    –  Set file properties like Aspect Ratio, Sound level correction, Transition, etc.
    –  Set markers (navigation positions you want to record and to have a fast navigation inside them)
  1. The Live source input reliability is improved– DV Play has been always providing an extremely reliable work with Live sources, but now we apply several special functions to cover cases when the input SDI signal breaks for several frames or is in not expected format (for example NTSC instead PAL). Such cases are very rare, but could happen when a many SDI devices like of video routers, distributors and  video mixers are used.
  2. Added a new feature to auto start and stop MyCommand when a Live Source is started / stopped. A typical use of the feature is to automatically start / stop broadcasting of the live events to Youtube/Facebook.
  3. Hard and soft reset – allows to apply changes done in the video player settings on the fly.
  4. RS 232 module – updated support for BlackMagic ATEM and Video Hub.
  5. File Manager Module – improved detection and it issues notifications if the network or the NAS server starts working dangerously slowly.
  6. Critical errors are now shown with external message. The feature is in great help of the TV channels that have not operator in night hours and it guarantees that in the morning the operator will see the issue.
  7. Master – Slave mode is extended and now it synchronizes the segments/markers as well.
  8. Integration with Ads Schedule Pro /our traffic system/ are improved and now the changes done in the playout are visible in the ASP. That way a tight cooperation between the playout operator and the schedulers’ staff is possible.

DV Play version 1 started its development in 2001, DV Play version 7 development starts in 2015. Since 2019 we believe DV Play is well equipped to meet the requirements of small, middle and big TV channels. Our customers using DV Play playout automation in 24/7 proved that.