DV Play 7.43 is released

DV Play 7.43 is a major release focused on providing more comfortable work. Many operations were redesigned and some new features were added in order the interface to become more users friendly:

  • A new black interface was added to playout. It is now the default interface for new customers (though the old blue interface is available and could be turn on).
  • The tables scale could be changed with Ctrl + mouse Trackball
  • DB Clipboard allows to have ready 1,2 or 5 minutes blocks that could be fast pasted in playlist.
  • The next video file is locked (can’t be moved or deleted) 3 seconds before start playing.
  • Result of the selection / add / paste / move files are painted with dark red border. That improves the visibility of the operation.
  • Items could be moved with drag & drop over the header column.
  • Direct file navigation (right click over icon) now works with paths longer than 120 symbols.


We recommended all current customers to update to DV Play 7.43 because the new features make interface significantly more users friendly.