DV PLAY 7.39 is released

A Client using satellite receivers, live studios, 64×64 video switcher, etc. reports for an issue that once on every 200-300 switchings the playout live input fails with No Signal message.  We did a deep investigation and found out that the Genlock source the customer uses is not 100% according to the specification and that causes the problem. Instead of asking the Customer to do heavy changes in its infrastructure (to order a new video matrix dedicated for Genlock only), we`ve implemented a new feature in our playout that solves the issue. See the screenshot below.

DV Play 7.39 is recommended update for all our current customers that use live inputs and Genlock.

Other major update is the integration between Ads Schedule Pro (our traffic solution) and the playout. Now the changes done directly in the playout are auto transferred to the ASP database and that allows a tight cooperation between the playout operators and the staff planning the daily playlists.