DV PLAY 7.33 is released

  • We have worked last 6 months on a big project for a sport TV channel. Most of the DV Play customers use primary schedule and playlists ready in advance, now we have updated our solution to be extremely useful for a dynamic TV too. A dynamic TV means a TV which requires a lot of manual works done directly into the video player, huge number of live events (sometimes 30 per days), planning a lot of virtual video files (files that are planned into a playlist, but  not  ready yet and which duration is not known /predicted/– typically a re-rerun of live event saved into a video file),  extensive work with segments (Trim In/Out), etc.


A short list with the new features added in DV Play 7.28 till 7.33:

  • New events counter  (next live, next missing file, next note, etc.)
  • Video Player – huge improvements in the work with file segments. New columns for Trim In / Trim out / All Duration are added. Option to read segments provided via XML files are added as well.
  • New options for DV Play original implementation for auto show of the Next event – now the exact time or the minutes left till Next event could be shown automatically.
  • New Title Template for squeeze.
  • Improved work with Titles for 4K resolution.
  • Many improvements in the Redundancy mode /Master – Slave/.
  • Huge improvements of the reliability. A real 24/7 mode is provided.
  • Performance improvements & small fixings.