DV PLAY 7.27 is released

Provide faster work is our top priority. The new features we’ve added are focused on the speed increase of  the everyday tasks work.

Our observation over the daily works of an ordinary TV channel shows that in many cases the manual actions are repeated. Since its birth in 2017 DV Play 7 has options to rerun the previous actions selecting them from the list with the last used ones. In the new version we extend those options twice in order to provide faster work than before. A short list with new features is:

  • The TitlePlayer has a new button that groups the last used titles by their type.
  • The Command Builder has a new button that groups the last used commands by their module.
  • The Playlist Editor – has an option to reorder / delete the list with Now & Next event templates. The list now is saved in the DB, meaning that it will be shared between the workstations.
  • The Title Player – a new feature called Daily statistics is introduced. It is useful for some kind of TV like Sport TV, where the operator often has a requirement to run manually a banner with advertisement 10 times per day. Look at the screenshot below.
  • The last used lists are now saved in the database. That way they will be kept in all maintenance cases like Windows reinstallation, the playout server change, etc.
  • The Title Designer now supports the .OTF fonts and they could be used in the titles. The .OTF fonts not cover the True Type standard and that is why we didn’t support it before. They are an old standard, but following the customers` requests and because in every computer there are still many of them we added a support for them.
  • The RS 232 module now supports Leitch protocol.
  • Many improvements in the Redundancy mode /Master – Slave/