DV Play 7.23 is a major release and we recommend all current DV Play customers to do the update. The more important new features / changes now are:

  1. The Redundancy is important in the broadcasting  business and we have improved a lot our Master – Slave redundancy solution. The part that copies the video files from the remote storage to the playout was improved a lot as well.
  2. The VideoPlayer issues a warning message when the HDD is overloaded, typically because of too many read / save operations and the output may start tearing.
  3. The Video Player  renders better  in advance the Live  / IP items
  4. A XML playlist import for OASYS format has been added.
  5. Improved detection for non available media server (RTMP) at the startup. Improved the IP items /RTMP, UDP/ playing. The update is critical for all customers streaming or playing IP!
  6. Performance improvements & small fixings.