DV Play 7.19 is released

DV Play 7.19 is a major release and we recommend all current DV Play customers to do the update. It has significantly new features like:

1. The RTMP output now supports a fast stop/start and an auto resume when the IP connection is dropped /for example due to the ISP provider/. That makes the RTMP streaming more reliable and provides the required protection when not very reliable internet is used to transfer the TV signal.
2. A new feature is added – automatically extraction of weather data via Internet /RSS/ and forecast display as title. More than 200 000 cities from worldwide countries are available. The RSS forecast has two options – to show the current weather and to show a 5 days forecast with minimal, maximal temperatures and wind speed. The weather forecasts are included in DV Play at no extra cost and are totally free for users. Examples of the feature are added to the Demo version.
3. Fast titles operations are improved.
4. Performance improvements & small fixings.