DV Play 7.16 is released

DV Play 7.16 is a major release and we recommend all current DV Play customers to do the update. It has significantly new features like:

1. The minimal allowed duration of a video file is reduced up to 1.5 seconds.
2. Visual effects /transitions/ has been added.
3. The played IP Item (http, udp) now supports auto resume. That leads to more reliability and provides some protection which is required when using public internet to transfer a live signal.
4. Significant improvements in graphic have been done. Titles with heavy animations are now supported and many professional examples are put in the DV Play DVD.
5. Titles showing the movie that is Playing Now and the movie that is Coming next are released. The feature is extremely flexible and support both auto and manual starting of such titles.
6. Fast titles are introduced. They are designed to support the work of the live events operator and give an option to organize titles in templates. The text or the picture of a template could be changed and the title could be run for just few seconds.