DV Play 7.13 is released

The majority of the TV Channels using DV Playout have a lot of free time in their program schedule they should fill. Traditionally this time is filled with promos or fillers, which requires a person to select them and to set their duration and this operation takes significant amount of time every day. To make the work easier for those cases, a great new feature is created – Wait and Continue After commands. They are used in 2 options:

  1. The Wait command  is used when the duration is known in advance and you set the exact duration.
  2. The Continue After command is used when the duration is not known in advance – but you want to ensure the starting time of the next file.

The Wait/Continue After commands broadcast a defined in advance video source. The Video source could be a slideshow with pictures inside a directory, it could be a Live source input from a street view camera /usb camera is an option/ or whatever you want to use. The sound could be get from an on-line radio (IP streaming), from a radio delivered by cable provider and captured as Live source via HDMI (that is the recommended and most reliable way) , from a MP3 files located in a sound directory.