DV Play 7.11.02 is released

One of the most useful feature in DV Play is the silence detection, combined with email warning system. A silence when the player is working could means:
1. Your current video file has not a sound.
2. The playlist is too short and has finished.
3. The Player is crashed /because hardware problems or other/.

Many of our customers have not human operator in 24/7 and use this feature /silence detection + email notification/ to get email when something with playout is going wrong and need immediately attention and a fix is required – usually with remote log on server via Internet.

With DV Play previous versions a file with empty sound tracks fire the silence alarm, no matter it has one or more valid sound tracks. In new version the silence detection is improved and will not be fired until the file has at least one valid sound track.

Screenshot with a file with many empty sound tracks.