Case study: DV Play for small TV

A significant part of our customers are micro/small TV channels. Providing easier and more efficient workflow for such customers is one of our top priorities. Typically a small TV has the following requirements:

  1. Low budget due to low incomes from commercials.
  2. A small number of commercials, rare changes (on monthly basis) of the commercials.
  3. No operator 24/7, many of them have no operator even in the working hours, some have no any live events on-air and work only via a schedule.
  4. Simple daily playlists with big time gaps (time intervals) without main events (movies, live, etc.) that should be filled with some content.

All those requirements demand even more efficient work than a middle / big TV channel that has the budget to pay to bigger staff managing the TV Channel. DV Play answers those requirements:

  1. DV Play provides EXTREME efficiency, much better than any other playout. Check this movie to see how a daily 24 hour playlist can be created for just 2-5 minutes.
  2. DV Playout schedule is very flexible and reliable. It allows to edit today playlist, supports an auto-resolve of the time gaps between the playlists (playlist conflict). We do have customers that make their schedule for 1 month in advance and go on vacation J
  3. Silence detection + email notifications are specially designed for TV channels that have no operator. It is of great help to send an email just seconds after the playout faces an issue and needs attention. How this is working you can see in this youtube movie.
  4. Time Gaps & Video Sources with Continue After commands – 5 different especially designed features to auto-fill the Time Gaps between the main daily events (movies, Live events, etc.). Check this movie to see how they work.
  5. Global File Management – it allows adding/editing/deleting a commercial in all playlists with a single command.
  6. Powerful AsRun Log offers both detailed and grouped statistics. A special AsRun log for the graphics does exist.
  7. True 24/7 reliability, 7 special techniques used to ensure 24/7 operations. Once the TV workflow is established, it is common that our customers work with DV Play for 5-10 years with no issues at all.


Look at this youtube movie representing how micro/small TVs could create their daily playlist in just 2-5 minutes daily. Or in 0 minutes daily – with the help of the File Manager module only a copy of the new files on the HDD could be needed.


DV Play is truly a leader in efficiency and it is a solution N1 for the people that value their  time.  Our playout is designed for maximum efficiency and provides reliability in true 24/7 mode.

Here is what Mr. Razvan Grecu, manager of ACTUALITATEA TV, Romania says:

“I  have tested several solutions to find the right one, which meets all my requirements. My primary requirement was to be able to do daily tasks (playlists) faster. In 1 year of research and after having tested  3 solutions I found out that DV Play is the only one that meets all my requirements. The option to use the microphone for video source was missing, but the DV Play team was very fast, and  added it within 5 working days after my request. Now I’m working with great efficiency and I could focus on my primary business, rather than spending time on doing playlists. DV Play desire to provide more efficient work is phenomenal, for example, my commercials have rare changes during the week, and when I create a new playlist using the Save as function over an old playlist the order of the commercials inside the commercial block is the same. This doesn’t look good to the TV viewers. The DV Play team has noticed this and extended the Randomize function with Randomize by MAM Type, so all the commercial blocks in the daily playlist could be reordered with a single command. But with the use of the File Manager module + Weekly playlist mode, even this 1 click daily seemed too much to the DV Play team and they did the needed change and automated it.

I highly recommend DV Play because of its functionality, reliability, and extremely strong support. The price I paid was higher than my initial plan, but I’m sure it will be paid back due to the increased efficiency and lack of issues. It passed 6 months already and I know DV Play was the right decision.

I can’t imagine what more I could ask from a playout.