DV Play 7.76 is released

With a new customer order, we become a truly multichannel expert running 12 channels on a single server ...

DV Play development really  never stops, it happens again and again, just when we believe we have all that is needed, a new customer appears with significantly new requirements and we start the DV Play improvement process. The passed-out Q4 2022 was no different, with a new customer with increased requirements, we did a HUGE step with multichannel, IP outputs, and all the tests in required hardware that are needed to run 10 channels in a single server. We had  very busy 3 months, but now we are proud of our work. Here is the short list of the new features & fixes:

–              multichannel support improved – now DV Play can be used for reliable run up to 10 on a single CPU server or up to 18 or 20 channels on a powerful dual Xeon server.
–              hardware requirements to run 4,6,8,10 or 12 channels on a server checked.
–              HLS output provided.
–              Channel settings done on a channel can be auto-save to other channels too.
–              Repair DB on the fly – database Repair can be run on the fly (without stop output signal)
–             Improved integration with Ads Schedule Pro – our traffic solution for very fast & precise playlists creation
–              other improvements & fixes.

DV Play does not put limitations on how many channels you can run on a server, the only limit is your hardware characteristics. Currently, since December 2022 it is quite possible to run 10 channels on a single Intel i9-13 generation, with a double Xeon server those channels can be up to 16 or 18.

DV Playout is truly a leader in efficiency and it is a solution N1 for the people that value their time. Our playout is designed for maximum efficiency and provides true 24/7 reliability in wide user cases, including multichannel.