Mr. Justin Solomon sent us a request about a playout for his new project – a Christian TV.He asked for reliable playout and his primary requirement was the daily 24 hours playlist to be done for LESS THAN 5 MINUTES.

The user case is written by our customer Mr. Justin Solomon ,THEOPHONY TV, . The DV Play`s team believes it is a good example and that is why we are publishing it.

Mr. Justin Solomon wrote:

We have two Christian gospel radios in Bangalore, India,  in English and Tamil . In 2019 we decided to lunch a TV channel too. Our primary requirements were the solution to be reliable and to allow us to make our daily 24 hours playlist for LESS THAN 5 MINUTES. We did a research and found that only DV Play meet those requirements. It is more expensive than the Indian solutions, but it has all we want in a great time saving style. We bought the playout and after 6 months`s use in real 24/7 broadcast we know it was the right decision.

Our playlists are very simple – we have 5 fixed times in our 24 hours schedule in which we broadcast movies and all the remaining time is filled  randomly with Christian songs on Tamil language. That functionality was achieved with the help of Fill Time Gaps command that selects randomly the songs from the specified MAM keys. Our daily routine includes to copy an old playlist and to replace only the 5 movies. That activity takes 2-3 minutes only and then all other functions are 100% automatic.

We want to notice several DV Play features that make our work more easier:

  • Files we use are coming from different sources; they are with different resolutions and with different frame rates, some of them come via Internet and could be corrupted. DV Play supports all them and we even not check them in advance, if a file is bad it is skipped and clearly noted with DV Play events logo system. Then we remove or encoder the file.
  • We do not care how much is the movie`s duration we plan at the fixed times, the next Fill Time Gaps command will auto fill the remaining time up to the specified time (9 a.m. for example).
  • When DV Play or Windows restart is done, the playout auto loads the correct playlist and starts it in the correct position, so all the planning times are correct and an operator action is not required at all.
  • Silence detection helps us to find if we play a file with missing sound for more than 60 seconds.
  • Fast development – Fill Time Gaps command was extended due to our ask to include 1 promo file from different MAM type on every 6 songs.

We are especially thankful to friendly DV Play support that helps us a lot with the  playout implementations in real broadcast. Support was done via email and via direct TeamViewer to our server, so all the questions were solved quickly and fast. Working with them makes us feel comfortable and not to worry about technology but to focus on enhancing the channel. Feature sets are really rich. We strongly recommend DV Play, especially for TV channels working with schedule only and without TV operator!