Our playout is designed for
Reliability, Functionality and Efficiency
Find out the meaning that our 19 years experience
in playout creation puts behind this statement.

Reliability means:


Unattended work in 24/7 mode.

Special measures are taken and DV Play will stop working only in cases of totally critical error in the hardware or in the Windows core.


Email warnings

Advanced events system tracks all activities, the critical events could be set to issue  email warnings. The info is sent just few seconds after the playout needs attention


Handle with critical events

Especially designed to handle with critical events like video file missing/damaged, live signal disappearing, silence detection, etc. All critical events have detailed description, clearly addressing the problem and giving the needed information to take measurements that will prevent the same problem to happen again.

Download our demo version to check the playout reliability on your own.

Functionality means:


All video formats on all resolutions.

Video formats .avi/mp2/mp4/h265/mov/mxf/wmv/mkv  and others on all resolutions and frame rates, Live Sources in SDI/HDMI and IP sources (Http/UDP/NDI) in one playlist are supported.


HD & SD outputs with different logos

For HD channels – provides SD version with different logo, done by the software only /without using external CG/.


All in one solution

All required functions like multichannel playout, CG, multiple outputs in format SDI/HDMI/IP/NDI in resolutions SD/HD/4K with Decklinks,Aja,StreamLab,Deltacast), Live inputs, IP Inputs, TV Logger could be done from a single server.


CG with great quality

CG provides overlay with perfect quality that meets the TV requirements, supports crawl and roll tickers that could be updated via text file, RSS, LTR support, sequence animations, plays video file in Picture in Picture mode.

You may contact us and ask for a demonstration of those features.

Efficiency means:


Work efficiency

Especially designed to provide EASY and FAST work, focused on the common and most time consuming operations – video file managing, playlist creation, commercial insertion, reports, etc.


Price efficiency

Many functions done by expensive hardware now are done by DV Play software. With DV Play Additional Output Module is not needed a hardware encoder SDI–>IP*, HD/SD outputs with different logos are available without the need of expensive external CG, the Video matrix could be replaced by Live Input Module, the TV Logger responsible for saving TV Signal to video files uses the hardware of the video player and requires just an additional HDD.

* some limitations are applied because the PC hardware can’t provide at 100% the required time precision, ask us or use the demo version to test if the function will work properly for your case.


Media Asset System

Own original implementation of the media asset system – very simple and yet extremely useful.


Schedule system

Powerful schedule system is able to provide IF – THEN logic. 100% of the commands that a person could issue with mouse or keyboard could be programmed and put in a playlist or in a schedule.

You may contact us and ask for a demonstration of those features.