A: The profile of a typical TV channel using the DV Play automation is a small or a medium TV channel working with schedule and not having a 24 hours human operator. For such TV channels we can offer many especially designed features, true 24/7 reliability, fast and efficient work. If your TV channel has such requirements we strongly recommend to include the DV Play playout solution in your research.

For the channels having 24 hours operators we offer standard features that are expected from such kind of software.

A: We have been producing TV playout software since 2001. Since 2007 we have realized that instead of trying to cover all kinds of TV channels we should focus on the automation of few specific types of TV channels. For TV channels working without operator in 24/7 we offer the following features:

  1. The scheduling options allow creating playlists for days and weeks ahead. The scheduling system is extremely powerful and covers 99 % of all actions you can send to the system with mouse and keyboard.
  2. Unattended work in true 24/7 mode – special measures are taken and DV Play will continue play even in cases like video file missing/damaged, live signal disappearing, etc. Auto load of emergency playlist is available in case you have not a planned playlist.
  3. Well designed events classified in different ranks /Normal, Note, Warning,Error,Critical Error/ report about the player activity, giving the option in case of technical problems to clearly address the reason.
  4. Email notifications for errors and critical error events will notify the channel’s responsible person few seconds after a problem appears and the playout need your immediately attention.
  5. The silence detection proves that is extremely useful to notify channel’s responsible person in cases when   1) The current video file has not a sound 2) The playlist is too short and has finished 3) The Player has crashed.
  6. The schedule can be set when the video server is started, automatically to load and start the playlist FROM THE CORRECT TIME, not from the beginning of the playlist. This allows in case of disaster when the server is restarted, that the advertisements scheduled for broadcasting at 8 p.m. to be broadcasted at 8 p.m without need to do any changes in the playlist. We hope that your TV channel will never need to use this feature but our experience shows that some of our customers are TV channels which are not well protected from disaster cases like lost of power supply, etc. and a video server restart by accident could happen.

All our efforts are to provide efficient playout solution in every aspect, including the price efficiency. We believe our total cost of ownership is on extremely good level. To get a quotation please specify the features you will need and fill our contact form here.

When compare different solutions instead focusing on their price, better is to focus on their reliability in true 24/7 mode and on the features that allow everyday tasks to be done in a fast and efficient way. A playout solution is expected to be used 6-10 years and selecting a cheaper solution that constantly requires to spent more time finally become many times more expensive. Buying an expensive solution also does not grant efficiency of work. The best option is personally to check every solution how it will fit in your TV channel workflow and how efficient it will be especially for your TV channel. To help you in that process, DV Play is available for download without any registration.

Except the standard one expected from a professional playout /tv automation we recommend to take a look over those features:

  • Simultaneous output in HD and SD version both with different logos.
  • TV Logger built in the video player could be used for saving the TV Signal to video files and it requires just an additional HDD.
  • Email notification is proved to be extreme useful.
  • For TV Channels willing to improve their commercial service & every day program planning we offer our truly advanced traffic solution Ads Schedule Pro. More information you could find at http://asp2.eu/

Imagine you start a new HD channel and start talking with cable providers, satellite and other companies to start distributing your TV signal. It is 99% sure, that many of them will agree to distribute your TV signal in SD version only, not in HD, because an HD takes 4-6 times more bandwidth. Some of your TV viewers will watch your TV in HD, while others in SD. Broadcasting both HD and SD version with one logo is a bad style. The user watching SD version on 40’’ TV easy could see that the TV channel promoted like HD is actually with SD quality and only a TV professional could guess that this is due to a limitation of the cable provider, others 99.99% of the TV viewers will decide that this channel is fake HD channel.

The bigger TV channels solve this with having HD and SD output with different logos – one for the SD logo for SD output and other for the HD logo for HD output. The HD logo is usually the same as the SD one but with added HD mark. The common way to do this is to use 2 external key generators which are very expensive (1500-2500 USD each) and they require special commands in the playlist to be put anytime you show/hide logo. In DV Play this feature is released by the software only, HD/SD logos are managed like 1 logo and the final result is both easier work and cheaper solution. For that option you will need 2 additional outputs.