Playout Server Requirements
CPUIntel i5Intel i7 LGA 1151
MBAsus Z170/Z270/Z370 A/E/Pro/Gaming/Mark2
Ram2 x 4 GB2 x 8 GB dual channels
Video CardIntel VGA built in MBNvidia GTX card
OSWindows 7/10 64 bitsWindows 7/10 64 bits
SDI in/outDecklink (any model)
Deltacast, Aja , StreamLabs hardware is supported
Decklink Mini Monitor (out in SDI/HDMI)
DeckLink Mini Recorder (input in SDI/HDMI)
DeckLink Duo 2 (4 out/in on any combination in SDI)

If the hardware for your playout server is not bought yet, please ask us for recommendations. In many cases we face with customers that have bought an expensive hardware which is in little use. That is true especially for the video card. If the video card is not an NVidia GTX card, better is to use the Intel VGA built in the MB. DV Play provides hardware acceleration for those models video cards only. Any other video card, no matter how powerful it is, will work slowly than those two models.

If you have not DeckLink card installed in your playout server you still may install DV Play and watch the result in Preview module. In that case the most workstations and even laptops could be used.

Video Playout Download Section

All in one – DV Play installation, Decklink drivers, video files, demo playlist and graphic examples. This is the recommended option if your internet speed allows to download 3.4GB.DVD DVPlay
Install DV Play + DVP TitleDV_Play7_Demo.exe
(133 Mb)
DeckLink 10.9.7 drivers.
If your motherboard is a model with less than 4-6 PCIx slots, there is a BIG chance that the motherboard is not  able to provide a reliable work with Blackmagic. That is especially true for cheap budget models of HP, Compaq, Dell and other PC designed for office work.  In such case, call us to recommend you the required changes of the hardware.
(258 MB)
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If you want to save your time, it is strongly recommended to watch our demo movies first. They are training movies focused to help a new customer in his first steps in TV automation and to show  how DV Play solves the standard playout / tv automation tasks.

Demo moviesLink
DV Play 7 IntroDV Play Youtube